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Homebuyer inspection in Poland

home inspection poland

Are you planning to buy a new house or rent a flat? If yes, we can help you perform a technical audit on it. When you buy a new car, you take it to an auto repair shop to make sure everything works properly, it’s a necessity for safety.

This check is also a necessity for your new home. However, you need to find reliable hands to check all the technical aspects. Flats and houses in Poland normally experience issues such as unwanted moisture, roof leaks, problems with electrical installation, thermal problems and even construction problems.

We will perform a technical audit on the home of your choice and guarantee its safety for you and your family. Our services ensure that you make the right choice.

home inspection poland - wet wall
Example of wet wall – thermal inspection audit

House or flat technical audit for real estate secondary market in Poland

We offer technical audits of every house or flat that you choose. We audit houses from the secondary market in every city in Poland (We are based in Poznań but we can go to any city of your choice within the country).

In the home buyer inspection service we:

  • Check technical documentation (construction, gas project, and approvals)
  • Perform thermal inspection with a high-resolution infrared camera
  • Check roof with a large telescope
  • Check moisture with special detectors
  • Check integrity of the electrical installation
  • Check ventilation
  • Check for gas leaks with special detectors
  • Check for construction problems
  • Check room conditions
  • Check the condition of the attic and basement (not for only moisture but also rats and mice)
  • Check chimneys

After the inspection, we will prepare a technical report with a description of every detected problem in the house. This report will be prepared two days after the inspection and will be in Polish.

The document will give you recommendations for repairs and this document will also help you with price negotiations with the seller. Our clients usually negotiate a 2-5% price reduction.

During the technical audit, your presence is not required – as all information is sent in the report. However, if you have free time it will be our pleasure to give you on-site advice during the inspection and answer your questions (we speak English). The price of our service depends on the usable area (in square meters) and the location of your potential home. Please send us an inquiry about your case to – we will send you a response ASAP.

House or flat technical audit for a newly built house in Poznań

If you would like to buy a new house, you need to have an understanding that there will be also a lot of problems. Some of these issues are because, in Poland, houses are built very quickly. You could find moisture problems, crooked walls, incorrect positioning of walls and a lot of small damage and scratches.

How can we help you with this? If you use our professional home inspector service for technical auditing we can guarantee that all mistakes will be found. According to the Polish government act (Ustawa Deweloperska), your builder needs to repair every problem we identify in a period of 30 days.

This type of technical audit is in Poznań city and any location 30 km from it. This type of inspection is not possible in any other part of Poland. During the inspection we:

  • Check walls and ceilings planes
  • Check wall angles
  • Perform floor check (drops, deviations)
  • Check moisture with special detectors
  • Check window
  • Check the electrical installation
  • Perform a ventilation check
  • Check the location of water and gas connections, heaters, RTV sockets
  • Checking the surface of the apartment (do the dimensions match the documentation?)

During this technical audit for a newly built house, your presence is required. The price of our service depends on the usable area (in square meters) and localization of your potential home. Please send us an inquiry about your case to – we will send you a response ASAP.

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